Infiniti 13kw Freestanding Unit - Stainless Steel Legs

Infiniti 13Kw Freestanding Unit c/w Stainless Steel Legs

R 28,850.00

The full vermiculite jacket gives it a high combustion temperature which sends lots of infrared heat out through the glass as a light wave. Ideal for moving heat quickly into open plan spaces and keeping the heat down where you want it in double volume spaces.

A modern looking powerhouse suited for today’s open plan homes.

Infiniti Fires has replaced its 12 Kw range of Freestanding and Insert Units with a revised look 13 Kw unit.

Advantages of the new units are:
• Larger firebox enabling more wood to be burnt.
• 20 % larger window area for enhanced view of the flames and better heat transfer.
• Change in handle position to keep it cooler.
• Fully imported vermiculite jacket giving a higher temperature combustion, excellent heat transfer and long life on the jacket.
• Heating capacity of 13 Kw/520 m³.

The unit is available as:
• Built in insert
• Freestanding Convection Box, can be positioned on a non combustible floor or hearth
• Freestanding Convection Box with Wood storage Table
• Black Leg Option
• Stainless steel Leg Option


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